Video Poker

Video poker is one of the most popular types of online casino games. The developers of the hits related to this kind of entertainment have been able to take advantage of the developments in technology to offer titles with a neat design. Free video poker is successful because of the possibility for the player to reduce the amount of luck when making a decision. The game is fun and fast-paced.

What Is Video Poker?

Video poker is a kind of slot machine. It is played in the same way as regular poker. The main difference is that there are no opponents in front of you. Only a computer is positioned in front of the player in a free video poker game with no registration. Although it may not seem obvious, video poker is an old game. It was invented in the 19th century by William Redd. He developed the first video poker device and offered it to his employer, a casino game developer. But the concept did not catch on. Finally, William Redd launched the first video poker game himself through his company IGT, which is now a reference in casino games.

Principle of Online Video Poker

The principle of video poker is simple: you must build a combination as in standard poker. A table of winnings is set up. It shows the financial benefits of each of the possible combinations.

In video poker, the game is very fast. This might explain why many players compare it to slot machines. But unlike slot machines, which rely 100% on chance, video poker for beginners requires a bit of thought.

In practice, you place your bet and the system starts. Usually, 5 cards appear on the screen. These are your first hand. You then take a few seconds to decide on these cards. If you are happy with the hand, you keep the cards. If not, you can exchange them entirely. However, if there are some you like and some you don’t, you have the option of clicking on the ‘unwanted’ ones to replace them. The system obeys your decision. In the end, whether you have exchanged your cards or not, you will get a combination. If this combination matches one of the matches in the winnings table, you will receive the relevant amount.

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Video Poker Winning Combinations

There are many winning combinations that can be achieved in online video poker. Here are the most common ones:

Pair: If you have two identical cards, you have a pair. This is the smallest combination you can get in the game. It may not be listed in the payout table of the video poker variant you have chosen. So check before you start your games.

Double Pair: If you have two different pairs, you get a double pair.

Three of a Kind: You get three of a kind when you have three identical cards in your hand. So you get three of a kind if your hand gives you three 6s. In the first hand, if you have a pair, you can swap some of your cards to get three of a kind.

Straight: You get this combination if you have five cards in a row. The suit of the card is not considered but rather the value. So you have a straight with the combination 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

The flush: This combination is based on the same principle as the straight. You need 5 cards in a row. The difference with the straight is that the cards must be of the same suit.

Full house: This is simply a combination of three of a kind and a pair. For example, if you have three 7s and a pair of jacks, you have a full house. This is called a ‘full house of 7s with jacks’.

Four of a Kind: This is a very famous hand in video poker, even though it is not the strongest. It is made when you have four of the same card in a row.

Straight Flush: This is a combination of a straight and a flush. You get it when you have five cards in a row of the same suit.

Royal Flush: This is the strongest combination in video poker. It consists of an ace, a king, a queen, a jack and a 10 of the same suit. This hand, which is difficult to get, is a great way to win the progressive jackpot on a progressive video poker machine.

Game Variations

If you want to play video poker for real money, there are several variations of the game. Here are the most popular ones.

Jacks or Better

This is very common in online casinos. It is played like any other video poker game. But note that the lowest hand starts with a pair of jacks.

Deuces Wild

If you choose this variant, you should know that the 2s play a special role. They act as a wild card. So they are not low-value cards. With a single 2, you can already claim a win because it is the equivalent of a pair.

Tens or Better

The rules of this variant are similar to Jacks or Better. However, it is a minimum pair of 10s that gets you into the paytable. In order to win more, you must aim for more than a pair of tens. Note that the payouts for this variant are quite low compared to other versions. However, experts recommend it to beginners as it is the easiest to learn. In addition, the risk is minimal.

Aces and Faces

In this other variant of video poker, it is the tricks that count. Aces, queens, kings and jacks are considered. The rules are identical to those of Jacks or Better. The good news here is that special bonuses are awarded. In this variant, the pair of Jacks is also the minimum combination.

How to Win at Video Poker?

It’s worth noting that you won’t find a magic formula for winning at video poker. However, there are a few techniques you can apply to increase your chances of winning.

If you’re wondering how to win at video poker, the first thing you should do is check the payout table for your chosen game. Each machine has its own. You may find that the payouts for the same pair are different on different machines. A comparison of the payout tables is a highly recommended step in choosing the one with the highest payout. Video poker games with a total payout are best. In general, their odds are high.

Note that it is not betting big that will increase your chances of winning. It is better to make small bets and use each one to develop strategies for the game. This also helps to avoid depleting your bankroll quickly. In free online video poker without registration, the double or nothing feature can be interesting for strategic players. After winning a hand, you can put the winnings back into play in order to double them. If you have a good nose and know when to make the decision to double down, you can win big in video poker in a very short time.