It started as a spark of an idea in the dead of winter…

…a magical little ember coaxed into flame by warm hands and open hearts and the bellowing breath of creative change we lovingly call a Chinook.

Together, we are endeavouring to manifest the future of creative collaboration. Chinook Series aims to foster a truly integrated, inclusive, and accessible community of artists and audiences who thrive on experiment and risk; artists and audiences who crave the chatter between performances as much as they honour the process, the big a-ha! moment, the curtain going up.

Because it’s the in-between that revolutionizes the artistic landscape. The big coming together is the thing. And this is the start of something big.

Now five years strong, Chinook Series strives to thoughtfully curate collisions between artists and audiences to deliver 11 days of stirring contemporary performances, workshops, and salons all under one roof. Every winter, we kick open the doors to artists and audiences from across the street and around the world. Chinook Series invites you to interact with what’s now, explore what’s next, and inspire the not-yet-but-one-day-soon.


Black Art Matters

Presented in association with Workshop West Playwrights’ Theatre, BAM is a multidisciplinary arts festival demystifying and celebrating Black creativity and life in Edmonton.

Workshop West Playwrights' Theatre's Canoe Festival

Brings you the best boundary breaking theatre from your own backyard to around the world.

Azimuth Theatre's Expanse Festival

A movement arts festival that highlights the body in all its expression through body-based work from a cross-section of local and national artists.

Fringe Theatre

Is a producer of art that is original, relevant and engaging, all year round.

SOUND OFF: A Deaf Theatre Festival

In association with Workshop West Playwrights’ Theatre, SOUND OFF is Canada’s national festival for the Deaf performing arts, celebrating Deaf performers from across the country, their talents and stories, and the beauty of American Sign Language on stage.

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Four years in, Black Arts Matter rethinks our foundation and sustainability as artists and human beings. We are taking a step back to ask ourselves: what are the pillars of a world that honours and protects Black life / creativity? In Balance Board, the story of Charles Daniel and racism in Canada beckons us to
look back in order to look forward. With our workshop series Awaken, we hope by centring food, joy, and the body/mind/spirit, we will conjure the stories, deep questions and solutions to our need for grounding. 2020 is a year of calibration and we thank you for making Black Arts Matter such a celebratory platform worth sustaining.

You might know us best as the 11-day celebration of unjuried, uncensored theatre in the ebbing light of summer. But we’re here, all year long – even on the shortest, darkest, coldest days – giving light to artists who are master storytellers and commanders of their craft. Artists who break rules, experiment wildly, and flirt with the fringe of creative possibility. We are proud to be a home to Chinook Series for the fifth year running and invite you to take it all in: see a performance, participate in a workshop, and join the conversation at a salon. Join us!

Our stories come from our lived experiences. In the face of challenging times, creation regenerates both individuals and our world. We invite you to join Workshop West Playwrights’ Theatre as we celebrate the process and practice of creation, of learning, and of evolution through this year’s Chinook series.

Our bodies are the filter for our lived experiences. Every bit of information we receive from the world and our ability to give back to the world must pass through our bodies. Expanse gives priority to the body, all types of bodies, and the ways in which they make their way through and reflect on their world.

Bodies are political. Bodies are spiritual. Bodies receive the world. Bodies share their stories.

For our fourth year running, SOUND OFF brings you Deaf artists from across Canada for a theatre extravaganza that is unique within North America. As always, we make our art form accessible for all audiences to allow everyone to participate in SOUND OFF’s plays, readings, and workshops equally, and to marvel in the stories and talents of our artists. And to show we don’t take ourselves too seriously, this year is all about the laughs! We have a stellar lineup of comedy shows including The Two Natashas from Toronto, the return of Deaf Spirit Theatre from Kingston for the all-ages Deaf Cabaret, the whodunit mystery of Deafies’ Unique Time from Toronto with Deafies’ Detective Agency, and Canada’s famous Deaf mime comedy troupe from Winnipeg, 100 Decibels, returns with Deaflix and Chill! Also featuring a special appearance by Regina’s Deaf Crows with 1000 Ladders Down. And not to forget, our hilarious improv collaboration with Rapid Fire Theatre returns with Theatresports: SOUND OFF Edition! Are you ready for it?