Chinook Series is proud to welcome local podcast rockstars What It Is into our Salons, where artists and arts appreciators discuss process and purpose.
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The Chinook Series Salons are produced by What It Is podcast – an award-winning interview show focusing on the Edmonton arts scene. Candid, fun, insightful and spontaneous – the show offers an intimate look at the lives of Edmonton’s artists. Available at and on iTunes. @whatitispodcast on twitter. Producers: Taylor Chadwick, Chris W. Cook, & Brian Bergum

Evolution or Extinction: Alberta’s Dance Community
February 9, 2018

Moderator: Richard Lee
Panelists: Anna Fidler-Berteig, Gerry Morita, Rebecca Sadowski, Mpoe Mogale, Kelsey Acton

A discussion about what our provincial dance community needs to flourish and the challenges that must be overcome.

Supported by Good Women Dance Collective

Mind the Gap: Encountering Latixperience in Community
February 10, 2018

Moderator: Lady Vanessa Cardona
Panelists: Simone Alaine Polo, Yazmin Juarez Malonado, Pedro Mateo, Andres Moreno

This salon explores the different types of experiences Latinx people encounter in the West. We will discuss how we as a Latinx community can work toward holding space for each other, while celebrating and maneuvering around our differences and similarities.

The Sky Talks
February 11, 2018

Moderator: Hunter Cardinal
Panelists: Billy-Ray Bellcourt, Isabel Altamirano, Anna Marie Sewell

Experts explore the societal systems that are challenging us and the innovations in thought and practice that will lead the way towards solutions as we fly towards change.

Supported by Naheyawin

What Is This Conversation
February 13, 2018

Moderator: Taylor Chadwick
Panelists: Nasra, Kristi Hansen, Hunter Cardinal

Join the dudes from What It Is Podcast for a live recording of an  all-new episode of the award-winning arts-interview podcast live at Chinook. Featuring an off the cuff discussion with artists from Edmonton, games, and promotion of upcoming projects – it is what it is! | @whatitispodcast

Brought to you by What It Is Podcast

Stage Fright
February 14, 2018

Moderator: Taylor Chadwick
Panelists: Jody Christopherson, Beth Dart, Megan Dart, Nathan Gebhard, Katie Hartman, Nick Ryan

Who are our monsters? Can being revolting become a revolution? Is there place in the theatre for violence, gore, the supernatural, unsettling themes, and more? Join theatre creators with a bent for the horrific as they discuss the process of creating stage frights.

American Sign Language Interpreting in Canadian Theatre: Token Effort, Accessibility, and Actual Inclusion
February 15, 2018

Moderator: Nicole Sander
Panelists: Kelsie Acton, Jan McCarthy, Amanda Bergen, Elizabethe Morris
Interpreters (ASL to English): Andrea Konowalec, Jody Morrison

A historical brief and discussion on how to engage ASL Interpreters and ensure the welcoming of the Deaf Community through inclusive means in “hearing” based theatre. What are the experiences and current barriers to making universal invitations happen?

Solidarity Through the Arts
February 16, 2018

Moderator: Nasra
Panelists: Effy Adar, Dwennimen, Kaz Mega, Oozeela

What keeps us from working and creating as a community? What does solidarity look like within the artistic practice? How does collaboration fit in to our experience as Black artists? A conversation on cross-cultural solidarity and collaboration.

State of the Union: Deaf Theatre in Canada
February 17, 2018

This panel is translated into English from American Sign Langauge
Chris Dodd
Panelists: Landon Krentz, Elizabeth Morris, Jordan Sangalang, Jack Volpe
Interpreters (ASL to English): Nicole Sander, Pam Brenneis, Lorelei Giles

A discussion with special panelists on the current state of Deaf performance in Canada. Canada is experiencing a steady growth of opportunities for those in the performing arts. Join us while we look at the happenings, trends and the future of Deaf performance in this country. ASL interpretation provided.