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dnaplay: ORB

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March 25 - April 4

dnaplay: ORB
with Pepper’ed Productions & Kaz Mega

On-Demand on FringeTV March 25 – April 4

What Is the Inspiration For Your Piece?
dnaplay is a short film/video diary illuminating the African Indigenous technologies existing throughout my regular-degular every day.

It began as a way of looking at what creative, spiritual, and bodily autonomy means for me in a society that continuously polices and exploits Black femme-hood. What allows me to invest in an audience from a place of genuine offering vs survival?

This question led me to my body. My body led me to ceremony. And then towards some amalgamation of the two.

ORB is what it looks like to literally spin the energy needed to storytell, from in and around me. To show both who and what is energetically binding me in a space and to use my power of Sight to claim/create that space intentionally. And although ORB was the initial inspiration, dnaplay is an exploration of the myriad ways I find grounding, connection with my relations and affirmation of my personhood. dnaplay says “My humannes is my protection. My mundanity is my magic”. It opens a portal into the ritual and repetitive conjuring that this queer Oromo/Somali femme’s life requires.

What Point In Process Is Your Piece At (what stage of growth is your piece at, sapling, sprout, tree, shrub, whatever you feel)?
This piece is but a sprout! dnaplay in its entirety is looking at being a three part theatre piece and possibly full length film.

2020 Good Women New Work Award Winner. Curated By The Good Women Dance Collective.

Available with captions & described video.



March 25
April 4




Azimuth Theatre