Experience Curated Playlists

Our Collaborative Partners have created Curated Playlists to help guide your Chinook Series experience. Think of it as a viewing party to help you get the most out of your personal artistic adventure. Be sure to pop in to the Digital Lobby before and after performances to chat with other Chinook’ers!

Don’t forget, this year’s lineup includes a selection of On-Demand content – watch at your own pace, at whatever time best suits your schedule, in whatever order you please! Check out our schedule to see the full On-Demand offering.

Saturday, April 3

5:00pm: Good Women Dance Collective Curations featuring dnaplay: ORB, The Power of the Drum, and Blood Memory
5:45pm: Join us in the Digital Lobby!
6:00pm: The Guardian – The Return of the Princess
6:15pm: Join us in the Digital Lobby!
6:45pm: Deer Woman