Blacklisted Casinos

The online casino blacklist is a list of fraudulent and dishonest casinos so that players cannot safely and legally enjoy their games. As the online casino market continues to grow, many people and companies are using it to scam players.

Casinos can be blacklisted for a number of reasons including violation of regulations or for scamming cases.

Casinos That Do Not Pay

Here are some problems with the payments that you might come across at the backlisted casinos.

The main reason why a casino may end up on the casino blacklist is the non-payment of winnings. This is because some online casinos use illegitimate reasons for not paying players. Other casinos illegally use legitimate reasons for non-payment to prevent them from withdrawing their winnings.

Confiscation of winnings
For example, they may falsely or without evidence accuse the player of cheating or violating the bonus terms and conditions in order to confiscate the player’s winnings. That said, non-payment by casinos can also result in large winnings being withheld.

Lower withdrawals
Some platforms actually refuse to pay out jackpots to players or simply pay out smaller amounts than the one won. Most casinos also have a weekly or monthly payout limit. This limit may also be deliberately low so that you cannot withdraw all of your winnings quickly.

Delayed payment
In addition to this, the refusal to pay also applies to affiliates and business partners of these fraudulent casinos. In some cases, this can be a delay in payment or a fraudulent change of terms to significantly reduce the affiliate’s commissions.

Some casinos play on the time taken to validate documents. All reliable casinos require a copy of an identity document and proof of address.

However, the time it takes to validate the documents is sometimes deliberately slow, to encourage players to try to win more and lose their winnings.

Casinos with Too High a Wager

The wager is a wagering requirement that accompanies deposit bonuses offered by online casinos. It represents the minimum amount that the player must wager in order to be able to make a withdrawal in the event of a win.

When the wager exceeds a certain amount, it is considered a scam and is therefore blacklisted by online casinos. The higher the wager, the lower the player’s chances of reaching a financial goal without losing money.

This means that the higher the wager of the casino, the more the player has to play again and again before withdrawing his winnings. Thus, it should be noted that a player who relies on a casino with too high a wager not only risks losing his money but may not be able to recover his winnings.

In some cases, it may result in the cancellation of winnings and bonuses. It is important to remember that bonuses should not be blindly accepted without verification.

The wager is not a scam in itself, but a wager of more than 50 is rarely feasible. You might as well not take the bonus in that case.

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Unlicensed Casinos

Unlicensed casinos can end up on the blacklist of online casinos despite the fact that they have several advantages. The main disadvantage is that when the player chooses an online casino without an official license, he or she has no guarantee of the platform’s security. In fact, officially licensed casinos usually have a very secure and reliable platform.

They are also approved by reputable bodies and authorities such as the MGA, the UKGC and the CFMJ. Thus, a player who enters his personal information on a casino whose official license is not displayed on its site risks:

  • being scammed ;
  • having their personal and banking information stolen;
  • not receiving payments;
  • facing rules and conditions that should not be allowed.

Basically, it is necessary to check the license of a casino in order to secure financial transactions and play legally.

A casino with a CuraƧao license is not necessarily a bad sign, but a casino without a license is ALWAYS a scam. The license allows you to turn to an authority if you have a problem with the online casino.

Rigged Machines

Although the machines are edited by the game manufacturers and not the casinos, some online casinos manage to rig the machines. They do this by making modifications to their games in order to gain even more advantages and disadvantages for their players. In fact, these fraudulent casinos use rigged algorithms that bypass the security of the games, preventing players from winning.

In addition, some online casinos can be blacklisted if they rig demo games. This is done in order to entice players to play the paid games or games that do not pay out fairly.

Game providers are regularly checked for fraud and rigging. However, some casinos offer exclusive games. If so, they must offer a verification system to prove the draw, otherwise, the machine may be rigged.

Casinos That Close Overnight

Casinos that close overnight are blacklist casinos that should be avoided. This is because the main purpose of these is either to cover up illegal activity including money laundering or to hack and use players’ banking and personal information.

The aim of some casinos is to scam all their players through games or payments. Thus, once they have achieved their goals, these platforms close their sites and disappear without a trace after having swindled many players. In addition, some of these casinos close players’ accounts overnight.

Dishonest casinos give several reasons, some of which are illegal, for closing accounts. Moreover, these unjustified closures are carried out when customers request a withdrawal. It should be noted that these illegal account closures are usually without recourse. Always check the background of the company behind the casino. It is not uncommon to see companies with multiple brands. If one of them is a scam, there is a good chance that the others are too.