Unique within Canada, SOUND OFF brings Deaf artists from across the country together to showcase their talents, stories, and the beauty of American Sign Language.

Three Dynamic Deaf Women

Thursday, Feb 15 at 4:00PM
Friday, Feb 16 at 4:00PM
Saturday, Feb 17 at 2:00PM
Sunday, Feb 18 at 2:00PM
in the Studio Theatre

Deaf Spirit Theatre returns to SOUND OFF with a brand new show! This collective of three Deaf women from Kingston, Ontario will perform a series of unique skits that will include a silent film with 1950’s to 1970’s iconic women comedians, an animation retelling of the “Ugly Duckling” in black light and ASL (American Sign Language) storytelling! A captivating production for those from the ages 1 to 100. ASL interpretation provided.


Wednesday, February 14 at 8:30PM
in the Studio Theatre
A Staged Reading
FREE Admission

Join Deaf playwright Chris Dodd as he reads from Deafy, his new work in progress. Nathan Jesper has flown in for his big talk and is desperately late. Upon arriving, he launches into his speech but things are soon found to be not what they seem. Part storytelling, part comedy, part tragedy, Deafy is a play with captions. ASL interpretation provided.

100 Decibels: A Handful

Wednesday, February 14 at 7:00PM
Thursday, February 15 at 7:00PM
Friday, February 17 at 4:00PM
Sunday, February 18 at 3:30PM
in the Studio Theatre

100 Decibels are back with an ALL NEW show! 100 Decibels is a high-energy physical comedy troupe that is comprised of a diverse group of Deaf artists. Hailing originally from The Philippines, Manitoba and Poland, these performers have been professionally trained in mime, physical comedy and storytelling by the award winning Hot Thespian Action’s Shannon Guile. Their aim is not only to entertain audiences with their incredibly crisp and clean physical illusions but to also reach out with the beauty of Deaf Culture and build bridges between the hearing and Deaf worlds. 100 Decibels have brought audiences to their feet, making them laugh, cry and say: “I never thought of it that way.”

The Devil’s Contract

Thursday, February 15 at 8:30PM
in the Studio Theatre
a Staged Reading
FREE Admission

A Deaf person signs a suspicious contract in order to navigate within the hearing world and receives a cochlear implant. He emerges within the Deaf community and finds cultural conflicts. The cochlear implant user uses the art of temptation to convince individuals to enter a pseudo dream world by using ASL poetry. A staged reading of a new play in development by Landon Krentz. ASL interpretation provided.

Theatresports: SOUND OFF Edition

Thursday, February 15 at 10:30PM
Saturday, February 17 at 10:30PM
in the Westbury Theatre

Back by audience demand! SOUND OFF and Rapid Fire Theatre team up once more to bring you a new brand of hilarity. Watch as two teams, Team Deaf and Team Hearing go head-to-head in a battle of the senses! In this special edition, language is forbidden! Each team cannot use signs or speech and must act out your suggestions with the physical limits of their bodies alone. Featuring the esteemed improvisers from Edmonton’s Rapid Fire Theatre along with stellar performers selected from SOUND OFF’s shows, this improv event is sure to leave you SPEECHLESS with laughter!ASL interpretation provided.

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Maximine: To Clown or Not to Clown

Friday, February 16 at 8:30PM
Saturday, February 17 at 7:00PM
Sunday, February 18 at 6:30PM
in the Studio Theatre

Featuring Maxim Fomitchev
An extraordinary one-man physical comedy and clowning performance that transports audiences into a world of laughter and emotions. Maxim Fomitchev is an acclaimed Cirque du Soleil performer who is Deaf and who has been delighting audiences around the world with his unique theatre performances for over 30 years. Not to be missed!

Deaf That!

Friday, February 16 at 10:00PM
Saturday, February 17 at 8:30PM
Sunday, February 18 at 5:00PM
in the Studio Theatre


Featuring Tamyka Bullen, Rali Rodrigues and Sage Willow
Director: Elizabeth Morris
Direct from Toronto’s Buddies in Bad Times Rhubarb Festival, Deaf That is a cabaret-style showcase on Deaf Culture which allows us to explore our individual stories to show that each of us are unique humans with multiple layers of experiences within the Deaf community. Sit back, enjoy as you watch the show, making you sign out… ”Deaf That!” ASL interpretation provided.

Applying for Grants at the Canada Council for the Arts: Workshop for Artists Working in Deaf and Disability Arts

Saturday, February 17 from 11:00AM – 1:00PM
in the Studio Theatre
FREE admission

Join Canada Council for the Arts for a workshop about their Explore and Create program. This workshop is specifically designed for individual artists working in Deaf and Disability Arts. It will be led by Elizabeth Sweeney, Program Officer, Explore and Create. English Presentation with ASL interpretation.

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Communication without Words: A Mime & Physical Performance Workshop with 100 Decibels

Sunday, February 18 from 11:00AM – 12:30PM
in the Studio Theatre

Join the cast of 100 Decibels for a fun and engaging introduction to physical theatre and a glimpse into the Deaf experience! Suitable for all ages and all skill levels, this workshop will teach you that communication transcends words. For the first half of the workshop, the cast will lead you through a series of skill building activities and games giving you the tools to create your own physical scenes. The second part of this workshop will be an exploration into the Deaf experience. You will learn the truths, misconceptions and idiosyncrasies of the Deaf language and culture. Join us in communicating without words. ASL interpretation provided.