Theresa Upton was born into a big family in Saint John, New Brunswick. She had an early start in theatre as a child when she was involved mining and dancing shows. During her high school years, she gained experience signing songs in American Sign Language (ASL) for school productions. In her later years, she studied Nursing at St. Lawrence College. Theresa has more than 30 years of experience teaching ASL to a wide range of individuals, from babies to adults. She has also provided an individualized language and literacy programming for Deaf children and their families, in addition to an integrated day camp for Deaf/Hard of Hearing and hearing children. Theresa’s theatre experience includes being the Deaf Community Consultant and an ASL coach for “Christmas Carol” at Kingston’s Grand Theatre. Being a career woman, she is also a mother to two children. When her children were young, she loved to invent ASL stories for them. Currently, she is working in community living, as a work supporter for clients who are Deaf and Deaf plus, who have additional disabilities.

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