Since his youth, Mr Kou, has been exposed to the street culture. His father, a DJ, would bring him along to parties and weddings while his mom would bring him to her dance practices. In 2009, he moved to Edmonton to focus on track and field. Focusing on long jump and triple jump, rhythmic based events. After a series of injuries, he discovered his passion for dance. Three years later, he decided to dedicate himself to street dances and street culture. After taking workshops with pioneers such as Henry Link, Caleaf Sellers and Mr. Wiggles, all while training and exchanging with like minded dancers to become a better dancer, he founded “Individual Unit” with friends. In 2014, he started traveling and has competed at Bust A Move, Last One Stands and Supreme Cypherz. Since then he has hosted workshops and battles with his crew. Currently, he is traveling around Canada and the USA honing his craft. In the future, he wants to inspire the youth to become the leaders of the new world.