Born in Nigeria, and experienced diverse cultures in North America, Kimberly has embraced her persona as an Artist. She is known as a dancer involved in styles such as hip-hop, afrobeat, and step. Her love for the Latin culture has also been an influence in her interest in dance styles such as bachata, salsa, and kizomba. She has been part of dance competitions and performed on stages such as Ribbon Rouge. She enjoys dance because of how she can freely express herself. Outside of her motions in dance, Kimberly finds herself wiring poetry and short stories. She embodies her passion in words. Writing is a place that permits her to be soft, bold and fearless. Her originality is based on portraying life from a contradictory point of view. She brings honest, transparent, and conspicuous sentiments to her works. She focuses on mirroring her experiences with people and becoming a storyteller in the lives of others. She hopes to connect with beautiful souls and expand her comfort zone.

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