Hayley Hudson is a Deaf actor and dancer originally from Lethbridge, Alberta and who is currently living in Kingston, Ontario. Hayley grew up within a musical family. Her grandfather loved to recite poetry and this consecutively inspired Hayley’s passion and growing up she always knew she wanted to perform. When Hayley took a drama class during Jr. High School, she knew at that moment it was something she wanted to be when she grew up.  Hayley has performed as dancer for 8 years and won several awards in dance competitions. She was so skillful with her dancing that people would often be unaware that she was deaf. Hayley has received training from the Theatre School in Rosebud, Alberta. She has numerous theatrical credits to her name, some performances which included the use of ASL. She moved to Ontario to pursue her acting dreams and is excited to be working together with Elizabeth and Theresa in the Deaf Spirit Theatre Company.

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