AJA Louden (AJA sounds like ‘Ajay’, short for Adrian Joseph Alexander) is an artist based in Edmonton, Canada. Born to a family tree with roots split between Jamaica and Canada, Louden is a child of contrast. Bold and arresting freehand spray-painted portraits of figures from Jimi Hendrix and Richard Nixon to more local heroes like Rollie Miles often alternate with hand-lettered designs and vibrant patterns borne of a background in graffiti. Louden looks to bring a multifaceted, collaborative, and multi-narrative approach to contemporary urban muralism.

A background in the sciences, including biology, chemistry, psychology and sociology is a major influence on the concepts and processes behind his work. A few years designing custom metal signage and a childhood full of building wooden skateboard ramps intensified AJA’s interest in industrial design and the built environment. His work can be found around the province of Alberta where he lives and works. A travel lover, Louden has also created work in several other countries, including Berlin, Barcelona, Florence, Prague, and the UK.

The Aerosol Academy workshop series, developed by AJA in 2011, teaches people of all ages about art making and art history through the lens of graffiti and street art, and has been taught around his home province of Alberta. Sharing a decades-long passion for contemporary urban muralism and challenging commonly held perceptions about the history and culture of unsanctioned public art is the approach.

AJA Louden Studios is a venture created to share AJA’s work and the work of his skilled friends and colleagues with the world. The goal is making cities and spaces more inspiring, engaging, informed and thoughtful through strategic and compassionate use of art and design.

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