Hold on tight. We’re going for a wild ride.

Chinook Series is proud to present five distinct performance streams, in addition to salons and workshops.

A multidisciplinary festival dedicated to celebrating and serving Edmonton’s Black artists, Black Arts Matter is a reminder of what growth is possible when we choose truth, community, and art.

Known for its boundary-breaking theatre, Workshop West Playwrights’ Theatre brings you CANOE2018, an electric theatre lineup from the hilarious to the horrifying.

A celebration of art in motion, Azimuth Theatre’s Expanse invites you to be moved by the power of high-velocity body made art.

Fringe Theatre provides a home for art as it journeys from conception to performance into legend. They bring you shows that allow you to take fringing to the next level, all year long.


Unique within Canada, SOUND OFF brings Deaf artists from across the country together to showcase their talents, stories, and the beauty of American Sign Language.

Whether you join the conversation or just take in the creative chatter, our Salons invite you to get up close and personal with the artists behind the art.

Be a part of the movement! Get your groove on at our workshops and test your own creative limits. Our workshops are designed for everyone from the curious to the professional.

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PS – The Chinook Series has official photographers on site and from various media outlets. This activity is permissible under the FOIP Act for promotional purposes unless the subject of the photos or video (or the guardian of that individual) objects to his or her image being used in this manner. For further information please contact The Chinook Series at communications@fringetheatre.ca. Thank you!