Call & Response: 10 Questions with Julianne Chapple

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Call and Response: 10 Questions with Expanse Artist Julianne Chapple


Expanse: Where are you from? 

Julianne: Vancouver, BC

Expanse: Any recommendations for a really great place to eat in Vancouver? 

Julianne: In my neighbourhood, (Mt Pleasant) I recommend Sushi Yama if you’re being thrifty and Toshi if you want to be a little fancier.  

Expanse: How would you describe your work? 

Julianne: The context, the space, sound, and atmosphere, is all part of the choreography for me. My process is often very formal, working from restrictions I’ve set on myself or my dancers. My work often explores body as object, surreal imagery and the imperfect nature of communication.  

Expanse: What is one artistic question that is captivating you at the moment?  

Julianne: I’m very interested in partner work at the moment. Seeing a negotiation between two bodies to give and take weight and share space. Recently, I have been focussed on the interplay between release and tone in the body as a tool for partnering. 

Expanse: What has been one of your most rewarding artistic experiences?

Julianne: This is such a hard one to answer. I had the opportunity to work with so many amazing artists while I was living in Europe. Also the chance to work in residency alone and isolated for two months in Italy. But I always come back to Vancouver. Being able to influence and take part in the dance community where I grew up is very exciting and rewarding. 

Expanse: What is one thing you need in the studio?

Julianne: Other people. 

Expanse: What is something that scares you as much as it compels you? 

Julianne: Talking about my work. 

Expanse: What was one of the most captivating shows/performances you’ve ever seen.  Where did you see it?  

Julianne: A few years ago at the Push Festival in Vancouver, I saw an amazing video work by Ryoji Ikeda. I’m not sure of the name and don’t know anything about him or the video. I don’t want to learn anything about it, because the experience I had viewing it was so perfect; I don’t want to disrupt that memory. Some of my favourite movement based performances have been “The Whole Beast” by Lee Su-Feh and “Snakeskins” by Benoit Lachambre. 

Expanse: Could you share an artistic guilty pleasure?  Anything that transcends taste.

Julianne: I recently re-watched the first few seasons of the X-Files. I also have a soft spot for some popular music. While I’m warming up in the studio, I’ll put on Kiiara or Fetty Wap.

Julianne brings the edges of things are ill defined to the Chinook Series as part of the Coast to Coast program of dance shorts on Tuesday, February 2, 2016 at 10pm and Wednesday, February 3, 2016 at 7pm in the Westbury Theatre.